Thursday, April 17, 2008

What am I doing?

As much as I enjoy the notions that OCLC is the Death Star, that we who work here dress funny, or that we're poor civilian contractors, I enjoy it ever so much more when somebody actually gets it. (Thanks to my colleagues for pointing this out on our team's delicious feed. Follow along if you'd like to know what we're reading online.)

Meanwhile, I have been very slammed with getting myself back into a worky work type of head space. Some days it's hard to do even though I remain very excited about what I'm working on; difficult because my library land self is stuck back at ALA 2007. It's like I've been time-warped to the present, I'm actively trying to catch up *and* keep up, not to mention try and lead something. Specifically, I'm helping to get a new group of WebJunction staff settled, working very hard on our new, very exciting, and altogether networky platform (coming later this summer, more on that later), and finally, as Alice mentioned, getting ready for Anaheim. Will be my first time out in library land since last year. I'm hoping I remember what to wear. Either way, I'll be there, and hopefully, really, truly be "back" to library land by that time as well.

That all being as it is, I sometimes find it difficult to know what, exactly, to blog about. Maybe I've lost my blogging groove. To bridge the gap while I find it again, I've added my twitter feed to the lower right hand side bar of our trusty It's All Good site. If I'm not blogging, you'll at least know where I appeared last. I'm here! Really, I am. And guess what else? I'm "doing" something! You can follow my tweets on the web, via RSS, or text "follow itgirl" to 40404.


K.G. Schneider said...

Twittering is microblogging, so that kind of counts, right?

I have noticed that It's All Good is in a fallow period. This isn't necessarily bad. In your case, you're focusing on getting your head back into worklife and that must be its own challenge -- because to move in one direction is to leave another behind you. That comes with a bundle of complex emotions.

I do think OCLC needs to not get quite so torqued over LibraryThing's portrayal of it. Tim's running a small service and at least he's forthright, and he is articulating a vacillating concern that goes something like this: we buy into the vision; we still have concerns about the vehicle. I'm far more perturbed by the vendors and consultants who quietly FUD every effort to get us out of the old, dead proprietary-silo-of-crap model.

Alice said...

Twittering definitely counts.
In some ways it feels like we're all so busy DOing things that we forget to comment on them here I think.

Chrystie, I totally hear you with the time warp of ALA2007...

chrystie said...

I'm not officially torqued. Mostly I think Tim's comments are funny. Mostly.

As for "what to wear," maybe I can find one of those storm trooper costumes. And Jay could come to the blog salon dressed up as Darth. Now that would be funny.

simonfj said...

Hi Chrystie,

May the force be with you. Sounds like it might be.

Please don't "catch up". I couldn't bear to see the last few years repeated all over again.

Look, do you remember a few years ago, when you did the last renovation at WJ, that I mentioned about various global groups "being in a sync". Do you think, before he renovations start, that we could get a few new (specialized) eyeballs to focus on WJ's networky platform? I.e could we attempt a little synthesis before the aquisition(s)?

The last thing we need is more guff from library land = "People like us", "preaching to the converted".

There's a few things on the horizon which are just starting to grow legs now. Research1 is one of the networky platforms that is going to need a librarian as much as WJ need a TV "outlet".

So don't bother blogging just to fill the space. Could we have a quiet conversation down at WJ and see how many ex librarian communities it might attract.

I'm with k.a. here. It's the vehicle, where every discipline has it's favourite colour and preferred horsepower. But we should at least agree on where we put the bowsers.