Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mundaneum and ALA madness

The mundaneum idea has captured at least some of the public's imagination lately. I should say, I've seen more than one article about it...
**other news**
But I am not going to tell you my ALA schedule, because, well, because. But suffice it to say, all of us at IAG look forward to our revels and conversations throughout the weekend. Especially on Sunday in the Palisades room for the Blog Salon. If you are shy, come in anyway because we want to meet you. I bought a new camera this weekend in honor of the event. (It turns out, you can let a baby chew on a mobile phone or blackberry without a problem. But digital cameras are not so lucky.)

I'll be blogging as always when I can. Maybe I'll even post up a few tweets!

Oh, and no, this is not my child. This is not me, either.

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worldpeace254 said...

Haha..think she's your daughter. Very cute girl