Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WorldCat Challenge

Speaking of Challenges (see George's post, below), we've got the WorldCat Challenge game coming up at ALA. We'll be playing it in in OCLC booth 1448 and at the meetings. It's going to be a fun game that pits expert searcher against expert searcher to determine the most savvy librarian-user around. The best part, George determined, is that you get to yell, "WorldCat!" when you're done with your round, just like when you play Bingo.
I think the best part is going to be giving the Overall WorldCat Challenge Champion their very own iPod Touch. It's even engraved.
Brush up on your searching skills and come have some fun with us.

And...I was on the LITA ALA site this morning, to remember where all of us--the whole IAG gang--are supposed to be on Sunday afternoon for the LITA President's Program. (Hilton Anaheim, California Pavilion D, 4:00 - 5:00 pm). And then we'll all happily go straight to the Blog Salon in the Avila Room, same hotel.

Is it just me? Is it just this year? Seems like everyone is gearing up for a wonderful but action-packed time in California. See you there!


waltc said...

So is it the Avila Room or Palisades? There seems to be a difference of opinion among WebJunction, Roy Tennant's blog and IAG...

Alice said...

The two rooms are right around the corner from each other--and there will be signs both places. Sorry for the confusion!