Saturday, June 28, 2008

OCLC Symposium part 3: David Lee King on the Mashed Up Library

David Lee King.

Web stuff—RSS feeds, Meebo widgets: new audience. The people on the public access computers use the Meebo widget to ask questions. Placed the widget at the “no results found” page.

Physical library-Digital library—“travel neighborhoods”

Patron-generated content—patrons can add sticky notes throughout the library experience. MySpace page, Flickr account, YouTube channel. Original content by patrons. Sometimes the content is outside the library’s walls.

Outside the box—Go outside the library—take your message outside the library. (Bookmobile, go online). Set up alerts to make sure you’re there when people ask questions. Be Comfortable with 2.0 technology. Computer is a way we connect with people/
Community requests—being a consultant to small businesses, be where people are. Be there at hubs, mobile areas. Set up shops in coffee shops, the mall, the State Fair. )(Be out of the building a lot more.)

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