Tuesday, December 05, 2006

eLearning Technology blog "visitor guide"

I don't regularly follow the eLearning Technology blog (gasp!) but I just learned about this fabulous visitor guide for new readers there (thanks to nancy at full circle). It's for readers that are new to the blog, introducing them to the author, the purpose of the blog, the most pertinent posts, articles and topics, how to interact with the content, etc.

It's a fabulous idea - especially for those of us who get to blogging and/or who have been blogging for awhile - because it's easy to lose sight of biblioblogosphere-forest through the mybiblioblog-trees. It's one way to keep a well established blog from sounding or feeling like you mean you've never been to my treehouse? where ya been? under a rock? It also occurs to me that this might be a great branding exercise, even if it's just for yourself or for internal sharing, especially if your blog has been up for awhile and it's time to reframe, repurpose or reset.

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elearning guy said...

great work... this looks like a sitemap of sorts... :) thanks for the post...