Friday, December 22, 2006

Top 10 Gifts - 2016

From the innovative people at the Innovation Lab comes a list of presents via the crystal ball, from 2016.

1. Robot suit - kid getting bullied at school? Get one of these.
2. 3D printer - no worries about running out of candles. Just print some more.
3. Live Concrete - lighting the house is so passe. Light your concrete driveway.
4. Interactive fabric - wearing the same dress as your sister? Change the colour and pattern.
5. Holographic TV - Really get Lost.
6. Biometric locks - forget your keys? Just think about it.
7. Nano hard drive - millions and millions of GBs.
8. Remote controlled gardener - grow your own.
9. RFID geo-aware Fridge - Now, if only it would buy the milk.
10. Nanotreated kitcheware - Scrubby pads? What are they?

From all us here at IAG, to all of you, Happy Holidays.


George said...

I still want my flying car!

Guy Barry said...

Who wouldn't want a flying car?