Thursday, December 21, 2006

OCLC Symposium in Seattle

Thanks to the 133 of you who have already registered for the Symposium at ALA MW which will be in the Metropolitan Ballroom, Sheraton Seattle, beginning at 1:30pm on Jan 19th. You all will definitely get stickers. What stickers? Well, you'll have to come if you want to find out and you'll have to register to make sure we have enough stickers.

And good news...wireless will be available for bloggers! I suppose I should say, in theory, wireless will be available because we've found that big windowless ballrooms in hotels are not always consistent in where wireless can be picked up. But make sure your battery is fully powered unless you want to sit against the wall.

If you've forgotten who is on our panel: Michael Stephens is moderating. danah boyd, Howard Rheingold and Marc Smith will be speaking about social networking and, I suspect, identity, community, privacy.

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