Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Salon - ALA Midwinter

The Blog Salon is on Saturday, January 20 at the Sheraton Seattle, starting around 8pm. It will be in the OCLC Blue Suite. We don't know the number of the room yet, but you can ask at the Front Desk or the Concierge's Desk, or come back here Friday when one of us will have posted the room number.

The Salon is right after the Celebration of Life for Fred Kilgour. That event is at the Westin Seattle, in Grand Ballrooms I & II. it begins at 5:30pm.

Alice was going to do this reminder but she's been saying she'll post stuff for weeks! She's already in Seattle, being busy. Yesterday she emailed me and said she was off to get a haircut at an Aveda training insititute and hoped she wouldn't end up with a "wacky west coast girl 'do."
We'll have to see if she did!

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Alice said...

Haircut went well--no bright blue streaks or anything.

Seattle is slushy and cold, but already humming with pre-ALA energy!!