Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New blogger

So I have a big list of blog topics brewing--currently the list is at 8 and it keeps growing!

Some of my catch-up topics that I'd planned to blog and are now old news :
  • Apple iPhone (already lots of chatter out there in blogland)
  • Windows Vista (a somewhat lack of enthusiasm here? Article from FT about the end of an era)
  • ALA MW 07 rocked (I will post photos here and to Flickr. I know...sometimes that pesky day job gets in the way. Oh wait, you're saying that blogging IS part of my day job? Oh, and then there's that... (Fun Symposium pics from other people...) Tags to search on are OCLC_symposium, ALA_MW_2007, MW2007, ala2007
    (and Michael, I agree with you--I don't like underscores in tags either)
  • Speaking of tags, hey hey we were able to upgrade to the new blogger tonight finally. They have been teasing me for quite awhile that I could try it out...but I couldn't post to IAG from the new system. So going forward we'll be able to integrate all the "DUH" elements like tagging and labeling posts. It will make us much easier to find good tidbits. Interesting--I wonder if we'll naturally fall out along authorship lines, as well? This will be an interesting exercise if we go back and classify all 991 posts! (And yes, I have brought up the idea of a Controlled Vocabulary but dunno how Web 2.0 it is...but for a multi-person corporate blog--anyone have recommendations to share?)
  • Americans for Libraries Council (ALC) has released a fantastic new site called Act for Libraries. It's meant to promote ideas, research, action and investment to strengthen America's libraries. (Sorry Alane, I think they mean U.S. America, not North America). Lots of good videos and mini-case studies there. You will be inspired here! (Plus I met some of their staff at MW...shout out to Chris and Bruce!)
  • Urban Libraries Council (ULC) has also just released an awesome-sounding report, Making Cities Stronger (PDF). Although I admit. I swiped Liz's copy from the WJ HQ when I went to go visit, and I have not actually cracked it more than page 2 yet. The title alone makes me want to read it cover to cover. It is right up my alley!
Not old news, but Michael Gorman (yes, THAT Michael Gorman) is hosting The Chronicle's Brown Bag discussion tomorrow (Feb 1 at noon EST). This news make make your blood boil or you may be relieved to know that we bloggers have not hacked him to itty-bitty-digital bits (yet). The topic is rather large and vast--they would appreciate your questions and comments, I am certain:

The Changing Role of Academic Libraries in the Information Age

Finally, welcome QuestionPoint to the OCLC family of blogs! They've been blogging for the QP user group for some time now--but they decided to flip the switch and let anyone read it. Rock on! (Of course I read this with some amusement, because we have an internal discussion going on about blogs and product blogs, legal necessities, etc. and I had just told two other services to "please hold off starting your blog quite yet" because our internal "Blogfather" (no lie, this is what we are calling him) was still scratching around with some possible policies. So...good things come to those who wait, right?

Speaking of waiting, you've had to wait for me, to get all this juicy info! Thanks for waiting...


Alice said...

Hmm. Just seeing I need to do some tweaking to the template! Hang on...

waltc said...

A controlled vocabulary for tags? Well, with Wordpress, you inherently get categories--and those tend more toward a controlled vocabulary because you need an extra step to create each new one. I love categories (and of course each post can have multiple categories). Tags--well, my gut feel is that folksonomy and controlled vocabulary don't mix, but what do I know? Still, if you think of newBlogger's tags as being categories under another name...

Anonymous said...

Check out this interesting article comparing the iPhone to Windows Media 5, and modern smart phones.

>iPhone - Already an Outdated Technology????