Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Social Networking is Hot

Three hundred and forty seven people have registered to hear Howard Rheingold, Marc Smith and danah boyd speak on social networks, identity formation, and social networking sites at the OCLC Symposium on Friday afternoon, just before ALA MidWinter officially begins. Our moderator, Michael Stephens, is there already, without his suit jacket, but with all his marbles. It's all good.

But what if you aren't getting to Seattle until late Friday? Well, you'll miss the live Symposium but the video of it will be on the OCLC web site in a few weeks...but even better! There's another session you can attend on social networking! Hot!! (I've been talking to Michael S a fair bit. Can you tell?)

Our colleague Jasmine de Gaia is hosting a session on Saturday, 8:00 - 10:00 am, Sheraton Seattle, Metropolitan B Room. It's called Social Networking: Best Practices for Libraries and has three terrific people lined up to talk about library social networking experiences: Jenny Levine, David Lee King (who's got a great series on "inviting participation" on his blog) and Lisa Hinchliffe. There are 192 people registered for this session already.

Totally hot!!! Really.

(I say this, knowing I risk a snarky remark from the Annoyed Librarian.)

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chrystie said...

Annoyed librarian is already snarky about me. I consider it a compliment! :)