Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Howard Rheingold Interview

How nice of CNET's Second Life Bureau to have a chat with Howard Rheingold just ahead of his participation in the OCLC Symposium on Friday. It's a great snapshot of his current interests and thoughts on virtual communities. This quote foreshadows his presentation starting about 1:55pm PST on January 19:

"I personally think that the importance of online discourse ought to be taught in high school, but public education changes slowly. My latest effort is at https://www.socialtext.net/medialiteracy. I'm trying to find some funding to set up after school and summer programs to teach participatory media as an avenue to civic engagement about issues that young people care about."

We won't be streaming video from the Symposium but will--as usual--have it up on the OCLC web site in a few weeks.

Thanks to Andy Havens for alerting me to the interview.

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