Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Checkin' out the 3Ms

Today I'm visiting Metronet, MINITEX, and the Minnesota State Library Services (division of the Minnesota Dept. of Education), aka "the 3Ms" on the subject of WebJunction Minnesota. Their site goes live in September and we're (myself and colleague Jeff hall) here to get to know 3M staff a little better, as well as develop a project plan for implementing whatever WJ-MN is to become. I'm excited about this partnership because it's the first time we're working within a statewide collaboration in order to offer the customized site. This should get us off the ground early with a number of participants (though they already have some WJ cheerleaders in these parts!) as well as welcome a number of different types of libraries to become involved.

I've never been to Minneapolis and have been looking forward to it. I had planned to visit the new downtown library this evening, but my flight was seriously delayed and so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have some time to get over there tomorrow. It's pretty here, much like Columbus in the springtime. Weather's not too bad either. A welcome change from the slightly chilly June-uary we're experiencing in Seattle. I'd best be keeping my mouth shut - give me a few days and I'll be very cranky about the heat. :) Still, looking forward to seeing many of you in New Orleans in a few days.

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Laura said...

Minneapolis is a great city. . . I lived there for a few months and have visited often. If you're looking for a breakfast joint, I recommend the Seward Cafe, 2129 E Franklin Ave. Funky but extremely delicious.