Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kids and Consumer Electronics - Report

The NPD Group recently announced the release of a report that should be relevant to anyone planning library services to kids: Kids and Consumer Electronics (CE) II.

From the press release: "The report, the sequel to last year’s highly regarded Kids & CE I, is the only comprehensive source for information on the impact CE devices are having on kids, giving manufacturers and retailers the information they need to gain a better understanding of kids’ habits and preferences for these products, and to measure how this has changed since the initial study...

Overall household ownership shows desktop PCs, DVD players, non-portable televisions and cell phones dominating, with digital cameras, portable digital music players and laptop computers gaining ground. In terms of personal ownership, more than twice the amount of kids personally own portable digital music players and digital cameras this year versus 2005, while cell phone ownership is up by 50 percent.

'Any business that markets or sells products to kids needs to be aware of the role of these CE devices in their lives,' said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group. 'Today’s kids are digital natives whose activities are fundamentally different than previous generations, making the information within this report critical for more effective product development and marketing strategies.'"

The report site is here, but darned if I can see a price or an order mechanism--just a form for more information. I'll update this if I discover how one gets the report.

UPDATE: The intrepid Larry O, head of OCLC's corporate library, was brave enough to submit his contact info to NPD for more information. The price tag? $8,000. Maybe we can borrow it from somewhere....!

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