Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hope everyone made it home safe from Philly. We left immediately after the Blog Salon to beat the snow. So if I didn't see you or talk with you very long--please know I wanted to spend more time together!!

We drove all night and got home about 4 am. Whoooo fun.

I am way behind on loading photos to Flickr. Other people haven't been.

Lots of announcements at Midwinter--not the least of which was OCLC's own news. Welcome Chris! I admit, I only know of EZ Proxy through some implementation support writing that I helped with a long time ago for NetLibrary. Even way back then, it sounded like it was a great product to help libraries authenticate users quickly and easily.

I have heard fretting about "what happens now" that the one-man band has joined the orchestra....

We make music, of course.

But I understand the concern. It's valid--I've worked on enough library budget data to know how tight things can be for most institutions.

And that's where going to ALA always brings it back into relief for me--that I am privileged to rub shoulders with some super smart people who are dedicated to making the world a better place. I sing the praises of library cooperation.

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