Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blue Screen of Death

I had it this morning.
On the new computer.

Happily preparing for ALA antics. There will be a blogger salon, hands-on play with WorldCat social tools workshops, a somewhat offbeat game show (complete with prizes) and much, much more.
And I just booked my flights. Oh, the anticipation of it all. Wha Hoo!


Jeffrey Beall said...

Were you cataloging in Connexion at the time this occurred, by any chance?

Heidi Dolamore said...

has the topic for the friday symposium been announced yet?

Alice said...

Hi Jeffrey--funny, but no. Not cataloging at the time, in Connexion or any other OCLC service.

Has it happened to you, while you were cataloging in Connexion? If so, the QA team would like to hear from you, I am sure.

And Heidi, hey good to hear from you.
Glad you asked--I will do a new post on the topic right now!

Adam said...

Sad when it happens on a new computer =(