Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bring back the railroads

OK, except for the fact that I travel a lot to speak at libraries, this post really doesn't have anything to do with libraries.

American Airlines announced today that they are going to begin charging $15 to check your first bag. $15 for the FIRST bag. Not the second bag, that's $25. Not the one that weighs more than 50 pounds, that's $50. Not the one that you're trying to smuggle your 8-year old in, that's priceless.

So that left me with two questions.

First, are they actually giving any better warranties that these bags will show up where they're destined? I doubt it.

Second, do they realize how much more junk their passengers are going to carry aboard, and how much longer it's going to take to load and unload planes at the gates now?

Oh, and just for good measure, they're cutting way back on the number of flights they offer each day this fall. Want to get home from Los Angeles this afternoon? You don't mind spending the night at the Denver airport, do you? Bring back the Super Chief.

I may need to start a second blog just to complain about the airlines. Nah, that's too crowded a field!

PS: Just read the fine print on the Baggage Allowance page at American Airlines. I won't have to pay the fee because I qualify for the AAdvantage Gold program. But if the airline treats me like something on the sole of its corporate shoe, why should I want to keep flying with them? I'm not really that masochistic!

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