Wednesday, August 24, 2005

500th post as a Stepping Stone

It's a red-letter day: it's the 500th post here at IAG. I know you're as excited about it as I am...but there was something quite magnanimous and completely unexpected that came across my inbox today. Worthy of 500 postedness.

Someone is giving away free library shelving in Michigan.

Now before you cry out, "Egad! This eContent thing has really taken off!," know that there is a bit more to the story.

The Stepping Stone school, a gifted school for K-6 in Farmington Hills, MI has bought a vacant college campus--complete with library--and would like to see the shelves find new life in another library. In classic "Save This Old House" style, the business manager, Matt Berg, is willing to offer these good condition shelves out to any library who needs them. For free. Available for the asking.

Spread the word around. Contact number is 248-473-1808.

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