Thursday, August 25, 2005

AP story about eAudiobooks

Libraries got good coverage in the news today, with a story squarely about how hip they are with the times and technology, serving people's needs where and when they are. "Libraries Offering Audiobook Downloads."

So far, I've seen the AP story run in the New York Times, the ABC news site and the San Jose Mercury News. I'm sure there are others...but thanks to Brad and Bob for pointing these out. Rock on. Just wish the photos would have shown our cool new in-library posters for eAudiobooks...that yours truly and a slew of additional people worked on. They're free for the asking, so come one, come all and get some fun stuff to help promote your eCollection.

Make some local hay with this national story
As my farming father used to say, "We've got to make hay when the sun shines." And a national library story is some great sunshine to help the local haybaleing effort.

Send it to your local elected officials
You can even be so bold as to send the link to your mayor, city councilpeople, etc. with a short proposal of why eAudiobooks in YOUR LIBRARY would improve literacy rates, boost access to educational materials in rural areas currently underserved by your physical library and increase citizen awareness of local issues. (Because after all, people download the eAudiobooks from the library Web site. What a great place for a message from these same elected officials about their strong support of electronic empowerment initiatives to the voting public!)

I'm all fired up now. Anyone have a city council person I can write to?

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