Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dr Robert Martin - Special Advisor to Jay Jordan

We quoted Dr Robert Martin in the Scan because he says sensible things.

His four year term at IMLS ended July 12 and he'll return to Texas Women's University to an endowed Chair, the Lillian Bradshaw Distinguished Professor of Library Science in the School of Library and Information Studies, on Sept 1.

But on August 1, he joined OCLC as Special Advisor to the President for Cultural Heritage Institutions.

From our press release:
“Bob Martin is an internationally renowned librarian and archivist who will bring his unique vision, insight and acumen to OCLC to benefit libraries, museums and archives worldwide,” said Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO.
“I have followed the work of OCLC closely over the past four years, and I am optimistic that I can help OCLC extend the value of its services to even more cultural heritage institutions around the world,” said Dr. Martin. “I am excited by the potential of empowering the ability of these institutions to better serve their communities through enhancing awareness of and access to their rich resources through OCLC’s programs and services.” (And I'd link to the press release but it's not up will be here when it is)

Apparently, Dr. Martin will be attending IFLA in Oslo in his first advisory role for us.

This is the paper I quoted from several times in the Scan:

Martin, Robert S. "Reaching Across Library Boundaries." In Emerging Visions for Access in the Twenty-First Century Library. Council on Library and Information Resources and the California Digital Library. Washington, DC: CLIR, August 2003: 3-16 [pdf]

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