Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Bruce Springsteen Special Collection

How fortuitous...I was wondering how I could sneak in a mention about the Springsteen concert my husband and I went to on Sunday evening here in Columbus. I am a longtime Bruce fan and have been to 3 concerts in the past 26+ years but this was the first solo one. And I loved it...many of the songs were from his acoustic or solo albums but some of the songs were from the "big sound" albums done with the E Street Band. I didn't reconize "The Promised Land" until the chorus because it sounded so different--really good, but different.

I was rummaging around the Web last night looking for some info on the last song Mr S. performed in a 3 song encore...I'd never heard it before, I didn't think it was his work but he just about never does covers, and it was an amazing piece called Dream Baby Dream--hypnotic, hymn-like or a meditation.

And there, on a good site called Point Blank covering all the concerts in the Devils and Dust tour was this library-related nugget posted July 28.

Greetings from the Asbury Park Public Library, home to the world's largest public collection of Bruce Springsteen books and magazines. In just four years, thanks to the generosity and passion of fans worldwide, The Springsteen Special Collection has grown to over 3,800 publications from 35 countries. Now, for the first time, you can get more involved by becoming a member of the organization that is in charge of this treasure trove, The Friends of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection. The Collection came about because fans around the globe donated publications from their private collections to the Special Collection. In that same spirit, The Friends invites you to visit our website at www.friendsofthespringsteencollection.org for details on becoming either a charter or an annual member. Members will receive Collection newsletters, a membership card, bumper sticker, and other benefits.

Makes sense that the Ashbury Park Public Library, in Springsteen's home town, would have this collection.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! I didn't know about that collection at the Asbury Park PL. Born in the USA was the first tape I ever bought at the age of 7 and Bruce has been my favorite musician ever since. Though I must say that I was disappointed by his most recent CD. I've seen him play with the E-Street band many times (I had a job interview the day his new tour came to Chicago -- drat!), but I saw his acoustic set on MTV Unplugged earlier this year. He did a great version of "Thunder Road". I usually hate going to concerts, but Bruce gives 100% of himself to every concert. He is so passionate about what he does. How many 55-year-old men can still slide across the stage on their knees? :) Glad to see I'm not the only Springsteen fan in the biblioblogosphere!