Friday, March 24, 2006

CIL: Alane's Necklace & Lorcan's Fans

That would be human fans not the feathered kind.

Lorcan and I were both on the program at CIL, yesterday morning, at the same time. This caused some consternation as some people fretted to me whether to attend my session or Lorcan's. I told them to go to Lorcan's. And thankfully, many people blogged his talk about metadata in a Web 2.0 world(on Technorati, use the tag CIL2006 and "Lorcan" and you'll find all the mentions) so now I know what he said. Dorothea of Caveat Lector, though, wins hands down, for her remarks. "Fangirly" has been added to my vocabulary.

My session, "Scanning for Planning" was blogged by Jenica at Thinking Out Loud who makes me sound a lot more coherent that I thought I was, and in a later post she mentions the silver necklace I was wearing, approvingly. Thank goodness. Perhaps I am exposing my Digital Immigrantness, but it is just odd to read little bits and pieces about yourself all over the blogosphere. And it is a reminder that the Panopticon is here and that our words and actions become part of the observed world very quickly.

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