Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Solutions for Our Future" campaign

George is hosting his own personal "March Madness" with travel this week. I have just gotten back from a week of illness and then some traveling, myself. I have a ton of photos to post. I'll flickr 'em and let you know...but here's some news on advertising during the *real* March Madness:

Colleges and Universities in the U.S. will get an image boost during the NCAA basketball tournament that begins tomorrow night, with the "Solutions for Our Future" campaign. Here's a blip from UB Daily and Chronicle articles on the project:

The campaign will include efforts by nearly 400 colleges to reach out to local communities and policymakers and explain their contributions to society. They hope to convince the public that higher education remains essential to the country's future and that it should be a state and national funding priority as government support has lagged during the past few years.

Read more in the Chicago Tribune and on the official site. From here, you can even send pre-populated messages to your elected officials. They have a bibliography and further white paper reading, as well.

Now does this project sound familiar to you, IAG readers? Of course it does. OCLC has been doing library advocacy to policymakers for a couple of years now. We're working on a school library advocacy ad now. It's a great idea and I am excited to see the NCAA ads tomorrow.

Maybe it's reason enough to even watch the game?

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Eric said...

I may be biased, but I especially like the OCLC Advocacy Wicked ad campaign. I'd much rather watch a play than some old football game!