Monday, March 27, 2006

Springtime and renewal

It is a beautiful day here in my little office. Today is one of those days when you start to believe that Spring may indeed come, even though it seems highly unlikely.

After such a wonderful but crazy week in Boston at PLA last week, I did take a couple of hours yesterday to reconfirm a commitment to Spring, to life and to continued zest for doing the things we Love, Especially when we don't Think we have Time to do them: I bought new running shoes.

New Running Shoes
Now this is not an endeavor I do every day. (Buying new running shoes.) In fact, the sales person at the shoe store was incredulous at the state of my 5-year-old shoes. "You've been running in THESE?," she exclaims.

Well...yes I have. But not running as much as I'd like. I've just been letting a lot of other things get in the way lately.

Let me explain: It feels like I am behind on just about everything lately--behind on work, behind on life, behind on self-improvement...behind, behind, behind. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like that, at your library? Of course you do. We all do.

And yet, when I went on the maiden voyage in my brand new running shoes, it brought me exactly the perspective a conference is meant to: a chance to breathe, to reflect on what's happened lately, and a time to ponder what it all means.
*What direction should our library go next? Do we hire that new staff person? Can we increase our outreach to the community? How can we create an environment for GenX leaders to spread their wings?" (Because we do have wings, I assure you...)

So even if you didn't attend CIL or PLA, Spring will come to you and your library, too. Work will Get Done Eventually and remember, we are meant to enjoy life!

Now. I'm off for another run.

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