Monday, March 27, 2006

Coolest Exhibit Booth in all of PLA

The Coolest Exhibit Booth in all of PLA 2006 (IMHO) was the one from Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc. Their signage was smart, to the point and visually arresting. And when I started talking with Bruce, the Design Director, it made sense why: they are a company that specializes in transforming library interiors into spaces that feel alive, engaging and (dare I say) hip!
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Alice said...

No one is going to argue with me on my claim of coolness for this booth?!

Feel free to chime in here. I did see there were (what looked like) live trees on the exhibit floor, as well...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting I'm glad to see that a company has taken interest in updating libraries with a hipper more enticing designs.