Friday, March 03, 2006

Michigan Outreach

One of the women with whom I work here in OCLC's Member Services has a daughter who was just accepted at the University of Michigan. (No Ohio State versus Michigan jokes to follow, I promise!)

Amy hasn't decided whether or not she's going to Michigan, but the U-M has already sent her a long e-mail, introducing the University, and providing key information about the library's services. In fact, the library is discussed before the athletic program at Ann Arbor. Here's how the library section of the e-mail reads:

Library Resources
It's not just that U-M has an undergraduate library that's open from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. (that's right: 5 a.m.) everyday. It's not just that there are 7,348,460 books in the U-M collections, not to mention the millions of periodicals, microfilms, and audio and visual materials. It's not just that there's a library here for every subject you might be interested in (see for yourself: It's the fact that there are only a handful of places in the entire world whose library resources are equal to ours. Whatever you want to know about, it's here for you to find. Start now; get to know the U-M library system at

Great placement for the library, and a wonderful way to get new students thinking about the library before they ever set foot on the campus.

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