Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blog Salon at ALA Annual 2008

I have about a million interesting ideas rumbling around in my head. Everything from the wifi in libraries being blamed for health problems to the inclusion on the Web for Change list to how many WorldCat t-shirts do we need at each WorldCat Challenge session. If you have already heard about the WorldCat Challenge and suspected I was one of the culprits behind the madcap mayhem, you were right! George has kindly agreed to lead the antics for at least a few of the rounds, too.

But the one session you don't see on the list is the one most near and dear to our hearts as bloggers and blogreaders: the Blog Salon. Here are the long-awaited details, as I hope all of you can come say hello and join in some of the best, most fascinating conversations at conference.

OCLC Blog Salon
Sunday, June 29, 2008
5:30-8:00 PM
Hilton Anaheim
Avila Room Palisades Room

We'll have food and fun, lyrics and libations. Come enjoy some hobnobbing and nibbles with fellow bloggers and blogfans.


maggie moran said...

Should we bring our laptops!?! ;D

Alice said...

Hey Maggie--
Feel free to bring your laptop, although we do typically set one up so you can post out to the world while you're there enjoying some F2F time with the people you read all the time!