Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heroic Work at the University of Iowa

Did you hear the report on Saturday's All Things Considered about the way the Iowa City community pulled together to rescue the special collections at the University of Iowa Library?

You can also see a collection of photos here on flickr that document the process.

People care passionately about their cultural heritage, an important and bracing lesson to all of us in our profession.

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Anonymous said...

I second the hearty thanks to all who worked to preserve the library's special collections. It is distressing that I have found no coverage of steps taken to preserve other collections of cultural heritage at the University: both the art museum and the music building are on the Iowa river, and both were surrounded by water and are currently flooded. The art museum is only a one-story wing, and some musical instruments (pipe organs and perhaps grand pianos) might not easily be moved...
-Timothy (former U.I. music faculty member)