Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Reading with WorldCat

The Summer Solstice is upon us this weekend. The longest day of the year! Hope you have a fun weekend planned or already beginning, if you're across the pond. We're coming into prime strawberry season here in New Hampshire. Finally!

So in honor of summertime and reading everywhere, we designed a few WorldCat bookmarks. 8, to be exact. The idea is that whatever your summer reading programs are, you can add in the online component with WorldCat. Download and print more at a moment's notice. Enjoy!

I realized I might not have told you about this little effort, when I read Katie's recent post. And she's got a great book list going for summer reads. Check it out.

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Alice said...

I forgot to mention--the Summer Reading bookmark talks about If your library doesn't show up in WorldCat, then you may not want to use them. Or you might be able to use the bookmarks as a way to ignite patron appreciation of library funding.