Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Karen Calhoun's Report from ACURIL

Posted on behalf of my colleague, Karen Calhoun:

For the last 2 days I've been attending the annual conference of ACURIL, a library association of all the academic libraries of the Caribbean. It's the association's 38th conference, so this meeting and the professional network of attendees is well established. I had the chance to participate to do a presentation on the state of e-resource discovery and delivery, and the potential role of wider collaboration in improving the user's experience with these materials, while at the same time lowering library costs. In preparing the talk I learned a good deal about the impressive progress that's been made in Caribbean libraries to provide e-resource access, as well as to build digital collections about the Caribbean region.

This lively and fun meeting, featuring many sessions, will continue for the remainder of the week. By request of some of those I met, my presentation is here. Please watch the ACURIL site for many other excellent talks by librarians of the Caribbean, to be put up over the coming weeks.

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