Friday, June 06, 2008

Legacy Librarianship, and Upcoming Programs

Joan Frye Williams and I just did an extended version of our PLA program, "It Ain't Necessarily So: Challenging the Assumptions of Legacy Librarianship," as a webcast for Infopeople. The recording is now available on the Infopeople archive.

Next week, we're taking our show on the road. On June 11, we're presenting "Update Your Service Mix" at the Hilton Garden Inn in Twinsburg, Ohio, for the Northeastern Ohio Regional Library System (NEO-RLS). On June 12, we're doing a different program, "The Community Centered Library," at the Morley Public Library in Painesville, Ohio.

A good friend of mine, John Gardner, used to be the director of the Morley Library. He's a great storyteller, and one day he told me and a table full of friends a hysterical story about being a speaker at an Ohio Library Association conference. He had back-to-back programs to deliver and he needed to avail himself of the restroom in the few minutes he had to spare. He said he walked in, situated himself in a stall, then looked down to see that the next stall was occupied by someone wearing a pair of open-toed pumps. It was at that moment that he realized he had slipped into the ladies' restroom. The punchline to his story, which I'll remember until I'm gumming my Ensure, is, "It's really easy to walk into the wrong restroom. It's really hard to walk out." How many things in life does that bit of wisdom apply to?

See you on the road!

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Let us know next time you come to Morley.