Friday, April 22, 2005

Earth Day celebration

Happy Earth Day, everyone. Just remember, when you hug a book, you're hugging a tree in evolved form.

Environmental question of the day: Has anyone ever explored the idea of an outdoor library?

I can imagine all kind of issues...what about the computers when it rains? How do I keep the DVDs from walking off? Mold growing in the stacks...

Right. My question is geared to more of an architectural/conceptual idea. Anyone have photos, ideas for an outdoor library?

A few: New York, Umatac in Guam, and Vietnam.
Also: Paper about cataloging.


Greg said...

Every time there's a nice day where I'd rather not be indoors, I talk up the "outdoor branch" concept to my supervisors and occasionally my director. I figure it would be sort of like a carnival. It sets up quickly on nice days and breaks down nightly at closing time.

Alice said...

I am so there. In addition to being a nice break for library staff to be able to work outdoors, it would raise street visibility for the library, too.

I mean, who hasn't driven by a party/garage sale/lemonade stand r-e-a-l s-l-o-w just to rubberneck a bit and see what's going on?

Now, how do we convince someone to try it?