Friday, April 15, 2005

University of Alberta's Bike Library

A good post for a lovely Friday afternoon. This came to me via Jerome-L, an Alberta-based library list. The newspaper article referred to appeared in today's edition of The Edmonton Journal (subscription required) on page B4.

In response to calls and numerous e-mails, please allow me to advise you that the [Edmonton] Journal headline with regard to Item #4 below is misleading. The University of Alberta Library System, while providing exemplary service to campus in a variety of ways and making information resources available also in a variety of ways, is NOT engaged in loaning bicyles. The "bike library" intiative seems to be centred in the Environmental Co-ordination Office of Students. We 'peddle' books, not bikes.

U of A students can rent bikes, painted university colors of green and gold, for $20 a month. Bike Library saves students time and money where before had to walk 45 minutes or take bus, one student has only a 10 minute bike ride to campus. Program run by student environment office and volunteer bike mechanics fix donated bikes. Environment office hopes to expand program. Page B4; by Jodie Sinnema

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Chuck M. said...

How are the bicycles cataloged? Are they considered 'realia'? Is there an appropriate 007/008 description for two wheeled vehicles with pedals? Is there are corresponding 856 link to a digital image of the bicycles?

You (and the University of Alberta) have a bibliographic responsibility to supply us with all relevant processing details.