Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Google Ad Chat

Earlier this week, Alice posted a piece excoriating Google's new advertising plans, and I disagreed with her in a follow-up comment. Walt Crawford noted our difference of opinion on his blog (under the title, "Ads and Evil"--- wish I'd thought of that one!) and said that as an "old media" person, he accepts, if not welcomes, appropriate advertising. I'm old media, too. I used to deliver the Buffalo Courier Express. I'll never forget the day President McKinley was shot. But I digress.

Today, ClickZ News (a wonderful free resource about marketing, advertising, and the web) published an article whose title sums up its content quite nicely: "Google's CPM Ads Meet Lukewarm Reception." It seems that marketers are a little uneasy about jumping in to do traditional advertising in this nontraditional space. Like librarians everywhere, they are concerned about trying to charge for what they used to give for free.

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