Monday, April 25, 2005

Jan/Feb/Mar OCLC Newsletter

This really spiffy looking newsletter has been out in print for a couple of weeks but the e-version has only just been put up. The title of this issue is Gamer/Boomer: Getting and Keeping Both Generations Happy. There are three gaming related pieces.

"The Big Bang: As Gamers and Boomers collide in one of the biggest culture clashes in history, society is being reshaped. What will the impact be on libraries? And how can libraries attract Gamers and serve both generations?"

"Staying in the Game: How to create environments for Boomers and Gamers in your library. In the next five years, Gamers will be the dominant demographic for your libraries. Nonetheless, you don’t want to do anything that will offend or chase Boomers from the stacks. The key to securing and retaining these growing segments is giving each one what it wants." More good words from John Beck here.

"Zone in on Your Users. Gamers need social space. Boomers need “a third place.” Toddlers need storytelling terrain. Seniors need quiet areas. Everyone needs technology. And many want coffee!"

And among other good stuff, an article on the OCLC Advocacy program: "Public libraries pack a powerful $$$ punch."

Way to go, Newsletter team.

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