Thursday, August 17, 2006

Curse of the "saved drafts"

I have just run into the problem of "saved drafts" on blogger.

Whenever you start your post, that's when blogger slots it into the blogstream calendar. So if you read IAG through RSS, you're all good. But if you visit the browser page (as I do), you'd miss it. So I'm meta-posting to say if you haven't added the box to your blog yet, but think it might be really cool to let anyone find the riches in your library from among the 1.3 billion possibilities of high-quality, vetted material, be my guest!
Find instructions below, under Tuesday, August 15.


David said...

Being the Microsoft honk that I am, I've gotta say the new Live Writer is pretty tight given for a beta. It's made me give up my beloved w.blogger in just a day of use.

Eric said...

Alice, I feel your pain. My modus operandi is to use Word with the blogger plug-in. If push a draft up to blogger and then want to re-calendar it so-to-speak, I just delete the entry and re-upload from my Word copy...