Monday, August 28, 2006

New toy and more travel

Hey hey hey. I've been on the road for the past three weeks and thought I'd give a quick shout out before I head for the airport again this morning.

Lots of crazy stuff going on in the eBook world, with Springer, Taylor & Francis and EBSCO all announcing eBook offerings. Hmmm, could it be that we're finally at the NetLibrary tipping point for eContent? (Of course, I should also mention the Airiti content now added to NetLibrary, too, for good measure.)

I was in Dublin for most of the time--and as I sat through the presentations last week of all the stuff going on, it was clear that excitement is in the air. has clearly generated some interesting opportunities and staff are starting to dream big again.

Of course, frequent commenter Andy pointed out that we can't get too excited quite yet.

Eric found this bit of novel communications. Info-graphics of the highest caliber. (It is from Princeton, after all...) Perhaps we can convince someone in OCLC Research and Programs to do the same map for Resource Sharing materials. Or something.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: I got a new mobile phone this weekend that is bluetooth enabled. I've been limping along with a super-basic phone for years now. I still need to play around with the new one, of course--but I'd like to see if I can beam eAudiobooks to it! It should work, it's one of the new ones with iTunes enabled!

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