Monday, August 14, 2006

OCLC makes the Onion

Hey Gang. I've been meaning to catch up--there have been lots of blogworthy news tidbits filtering through the grey matter this past week while I've been in Dublin. Here's a sampling:
Moviebeam--an alternative to Blockbuster, Netflix or the library. It's basically a box with 100 movies in it that rotates 10 new movies on/off each week. What I didn't understand from the news coverage was that it still costs additional $$ to actually watch the movies. Bummer.

Google-MySpace deal
. $900 Million so that Google is the search engine on MySpace. Quote from the article:
According to Hitwise, 10.8% of Google's traffic was coming from for the week ended July 29.

(Just in case any of us doubted the MySpace traffic potential...or Google's plan to go head-to-head with Yahoo in the social realm.)

But here's the kicker for news today:
OCLC Made the Onion! (And no, it's not for or Fred Kilgour...)
Check out the fake news clip about the Dewey Decimal Classification System
And theI'm sure the Dewey bloggers are thinking up an equally witty response.
Thanks go out to A. H. and Naomi K. Young, the Principal Serials Cataloger at the University of Florida for popping me a note about it!

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