Thursday, August 03, 2006

Net Neutrality discussion

A random photo crossed my desk today. Apparently an Audiobook company in Canada is trying out a new billboard campaign. Hmmm....

Other things that crossed my desk--lots actually--but one I took note of was a message from the eBay CEO, Meg Whitman. She was urging me (as an eBay community member) to get involved in a congressional debate about access to the internet. She's urging you, too, as an internet user.

There's talk about the "fast lane" and the "slow lane." And how ISPs and cable companies want to monetize access to the fast lane.

I admit--I haven't read nearly as much on it as I'd like to, yet. But I can't help thinking if this future comes to pass, it means one more budget hurdle that every library every where has to overcome. Or be relegated to the slow lane.

Looking on the bright side--if it DOES come to pass (shudder), maybe libraries can band together and our physical manifestations could be a "Fast Lane Place." So you bring your 500 gig iPod to your library, download a couple of movies and lectures for your evening commute, rock on.

Check out the verbal commentary from Tim Berners Lee and David Farber, too.

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Andy Havens said...

Oops. I got the email from Meg and thought it was phishing...