Sunday, August 28, 2005

Evacuation from Hurricane Katrina

To our U.S. colleagues in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and especially New Orleans: I hope you have found safe shelter from the storm.

My husband's parents live right outside New Orleans, so it was a relief to hear that they made it out.

As a librarian/library worker, aren't you glad you've done the hard work of digitizing all your special collections at times like these? And I know SOLINET has preservation programs to assist librarians in the aftermath of natural disasters such as these, to help you know how to dry out your books safely, how to put a disaster plan in place and more. Small solace, I know...

The immediate resource that stands out is "Hurricane: Are You Ready for the Big One? A Primer for Libraries, Museums, and Archives, 1998" By Dr. Michael Trinkley, Director of Chicora Foundation. For $15, you get comprehensive guide to assist libraries, museums and archives in protecting their staff, collections and facilities from the ravage of hurricanes. Covers disaster planning; "storm proofing" your facility (both new construction and retrofitting); recovery efforts; sources for hurricane assistance and consulting; and weather definitions.

For those of us who are land-locked and can't begin to imagine what to do, here are excerpts on:
1. How to prepare for a hurricane
2. What to after it's over

Thanks to SOLINET for making these resources available.


Anonymous said...

This would have been a great post if it weren't for the gratuitous OCLC digitization promo in the middle of it.

Alice said...

Thanks for your honesty, M. anonymous. Sometimes my alter-ego marketing self gets the better of me...

We strive to be as non-gratuitous as possible.

Update on the situation: family still evacuated but their house is reported to be repairable. This is good news.

kurt said...

hey all -- have you been following the blogging work going on in N.O.? There is some really interesting stuff. I can send you links if you're interested.

Hope that you all are doing well!!


Alice said...

Bring it on. We love information.