Friday, August 05, 2005

Have Blackberry, Will Blirt

Alice and I don't have Blackberries. But George does along with the rest of the senior management team at OCLC, no doubt so they can keep track of how close WorldCat is getting to the billionth holding (as of 3pm EST it's 997,196,329). It definitely wouldn't be for Blirting, not that team. That would be a different bunch of Crackberry Addicts. Mind you, I have observed some assuming the Blackberry Prayer pose, that bowing of the head to sneak a peek at the Blackberry screen during meetings and presentations. But I am not naming names.

Translation here.

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George said...

No love notes on this addict's Crackberry (unless you include the occasional e-mail home to the long-suffering Joyce). But I do occasionally assume the prayer position during particularly dull meetings!