Monday, August 01, 2005

She Ain't Heavy, She's my Blogger

The title comes from George...the 3 of us are together (at last! again!) for a Blogging 101 class, as part of the OLSSI institute atBaldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio.

OK, first time we've done this I think....this is Alane, hopping into Alice's posting. She made this post from the OLSSI session we were doing to show our attendees how easy it was to create a blog post. Which of course it is but we didn't get a chance to finish before we were on the road back home.

We joked that the reason we were doing a 101 class was because none of us would know enough to teach 201. So, given this skill level we focused on "whys" more that "whats". Why would library staff blog? Why is this a PR tool to add to the others already in use? We talked a little bit about podcasting as another way to get information out to people and we rah-rahed the egalitarian nature of these new forms of communication and publishing.

And the title of the post? Alice plays co-ed soccer and she got charged by a big fellow on the weekend. She went one way and a knee went the other. Her knee doesn't look nasty but it hurts and so stairs posed Alice a challenge. As she was gimping her way down a set of stairs, George said, why don't I just carry you? And inevitably, Neil Diamond came to mind. But maybe that's only inevitable to people over 45?


Alice said...

I would just like to clarify: while my knee is out of commission (thank YOU, mean Mr. Soccer Player)--I was able to manage the stairs without George having to carry me. As fun as that would have been!

We had a great time yesterday, all three of us presenting together.

Anonymous said...

Well I am 46 and I get the reference, so maybe your theory is right. I worry about all my song references on WJ being pre-1980, but then again that's when all the good music was written, right?

George said...

Actually, I was thinking even farther back than that---to Pat O'Brien and Mickey Rooney and the movie "Boys Town." ( Girls and Boys Town, the orphanage in Nebraska founded as Boys Town back in 1917, used "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" as an unofficial motto for many, many years. (

laura said...

Oh, Alice, I hope your knee is feeling better! Mine was out of commission too for a couple of weeks, although sadly not from anything as interesting as playing soccer.