Thursday, August 18, 2005

Swedish library 'lends' out gays, minorities

Take this idea for a test drive. Talk about disaggregation (which we do in the scan, which is why this article is at least tangentially related to "It's All Good")...this library is moving from auditorium programs on diverse cultures to one-on-one discussions facilitated by the library.


George said...

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jess said...

As a minority, and a librarian, I am always happy to talk to people about my experiences in either arena (or as they relate to each other, for that matter). While I can think of some potential logistical problems with this idea, I do find the idea interesting. Perhaps another take on it would be for the library(ies) to host a series of programs, talks, or panel discussions lead by the "minorities" rather than "lend them out" one-on-one. But, hey, whatever works!