Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The day passes

“Le jour se passe, les jours se lassent.”
(“Les ciels de traîne” – Autour de Lucie)
[English translation of the lyrics: “The day passes, the days grow weary.”]

I note with sadness that after two years the blog BiblioAcid will cease – for various reasons including a sense by the authors that the blog’s scope and nature was of a time, and the blog and authors needed to transition. While admittedly my mediocre French leaves some details of certain postings beyond my ready grasp, Marlène Delhaye’s & Nicolas Morin’s insightful coverage of topics of interest in both the Anglo- & Franco-library and IT spheres was unique and frequently alerted me to things I’d missed or was not likely to have come upon. Reading BiblioAcid also gave me a chance to refresh and expand my limited repertoire of IT and library-related technical French.

In their final post the authors reflect on BiblioAcid’s role in facilitating the emergence of blogging by librarians, and its impact on Marlène’s & Nicolas’s own “brand” as professionals. I’m pleased that the BiblioAcid posts will be archived, and that each author will continue to blog on their own – marlene’s corner and morinn.

Marlène & Nicolas, merci et bonne chance!

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