Monday, January 16, 2006

OCLC Symposium - the Gentlemen Panelists

It's so long since I posted about the female panelists at the upcoming OCLC Symposium at ALA MW that you are forgiven if you've forgotten who they are: Jennifer Rice and Patricia Martin. The post is here. Jennifer has posted on her own blog about preparing for her presentation: "Have you really thought about what would happen to libraries in the Google Age? I bet you (like me) haven't thought about libraries at all. What an interesting challenge; how do we rebrand and reinvent libraries to maintain their relevance? "

So, we are very pleased to have two additional panelists: Antony Brewerton and Omar Wasow. Antony will likely be new to most attendees because he's from the UK. Omar may be familiar to you either because you've heard him on NPR, or because you've heard him at a library event. George heard him speak here in Ohio last year and really enjoyed Omar's talk. Come to think of it, George heard Antony speak in England and spoke highly of his talk, and that's why we asked Antony. So, clearly, if you don't like the presentations, it's George's fault. Conversely, if you love them, then I guess George gets the credit.

Antony is the is Subject Team Leader for Arts, Social Sciences & Hospitality at Oxford Brookes University Library in the UK. Yes, it's in Oxford. No, it's not that Oxford U. He was previously at the University of Reading where he co-ordinated Library PR and compiled the Library’s successful entry in the Library Association/TC Farris Publicity and Marketing Awards. He has written and lectured on the image of librarians and the marketing of library services. His image-busting article “Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: the making of a virtual librarian” won the UK Career Development Group’s Martin Award.

George's post about Omar Wasow's presentation at the Ohio Library Council conference is here, and I think it will give you a good indication of Omar's groove on libraries. Omar is pursuing a doctorate in African American studies and political science at Harvard. In addition to his graduate work, Omar is the co-founder of and an on-air technology analyst. Under Omar’s leadership became the leading site for African Americans. . As a result of his active participation in a number of social issues, particularly the charter school movement, Omar was selected to be a fellow in the Rockefeller Foundation's Next Generation Leadership program.

Now, we've never had to turn people away from a symposium, but registration is inching up! If you like to sit at a table rather than on the floor, come on time!

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