Friday, January 20, 2006

Patricia Martin

"Defending the Brand"
Disruptive Competition Drives Innovation.

3 Questions:
1. Is there a market out there?
2. Do we have something special for them?
3. How do we tell them?

Is there a market out there?
Behold the rise of the RenGen: Information Superhighway...Knowledge economy...Knowledge society. (Renaissance Generation)

66.3% of Americans list "reading for pleasure" as their #1 leisure activity.
Ellen De Generes" "I have TBS--too busy syndrome."

Renaissance Generation gets a lot of their information from pictures and stories.

In 2003, 23% of mall shoppers browsed, compared to 37% in 2002. {The threshold for browsing library shelves is now about 10 minutes...)

Psychographic: The Beautiful Mind
The brain gets a rush from being exercised--drives a sense of well being.
Being well-informed is social currency...these people are avatars of culture. Imaginative, Inner Directive, Creative.

Market size:
65% of the people in this country are pre-disposed toward libraries.

Do we have someting special for them?
We have
Superior Price point (so what)

You cannot defend a brand by promoting features.
What's the true benefit? Get emotional.
Example: FedEx. FedEx changes their tactic--they're not in the shipping business, they're in the peace of mind business.
FedEx delivery guys wash their hands before they deliver a package....because it's part of the brand. Clean hands--maniacal devotion to customer service.

Does the "peace of mind" positioning match your FedEx experience
67% Yes
33% No

How do we tell them?
Brand is a relationship--carry that message forward.
To the RenGen: "Come on in, we have everything." (A closet full of clothes, everywhere, scattered.

RenGen: Go extreme or authentic. Collaborate or Die.

Target (the store) is not in the retail business. They are in the business to delight. So they did their fashion show down the side of a building!

Libraries are in the Knowledge Leisure business.

Valentine's Idea: Love at the Library
Do a romantic novel slam session, invite local florist, jewelers to sponsor

3 simple acts:
1. A friendly frontline (Starbucks)
2. Work the floor (Home Depot)
3. Improve Physical Presence (P & G)

RenGen spottings: Tell us your story
green room pass code:
user name: library
password: library

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