Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Lost Post

Hmmm, I wonder what happened to the post that Alice opened at the beginning of the Blog Salon? I suspect we may have had some "technical difficulties" with our connections--the one to the Internet and the one between people and the computer. We all got sidetracked--or didn't. Last blog salon we had the laptop in the middle of the room so it was easy for people to get to. This time it was in a corner and quickly got obscured by people.
Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Salon. We loved meeting you or getting reacquainted.

That's (L-R) "Jane Eyre", Walt Crawford and Andrea Mercado.

See you next time. Oh, and consider a vote for Heidi Dolamore, a student from my alma mater who's running for ALA Council. Having spent time talking to Heidi this Salon and the previous one, I'd vote for her if I was an ALA member still. I didn't take a picture of Heidi, unfortunately.

But here's three more.

Lorcan Dempsey and Suzanne Pilsk of the Smithsonian Institute Libraries. Suzanne is not a blogger but she works at a really cool place and is an old friend who helped us with a piece of theater we did pre-blogging days at ALA MW 2002, in New Orleans, a "playlette" called "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" about a cataloger and a reference librarian on the verge of divorce. It was an allegory--with light bulb jokes.

George Needham, wearing his BlogPerson band, and Rochelle Hartman (who is a delightful dinner companion.)
Eric Childress, Alice Sneary and Tim McCormick of OCLC Openly Informatics.


Anonymous said...

More importantly, I was a *delighted dinner companion! That was really a fun night (and I was still able to get up and do what needed to be done the next day). Who cares if I didn't see the Alamo or anything outside of two Marriotts and a convention center? I was thrilled with the great company, collegiality and connections. You guys are really swell, free-pouring wine or no.

At the SA airport right now, finally ready to head home after my extra days at Council, and wondering why I agreed to be at work at 8 am tomorrow morning. Urgh.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, we posted the invitation here on It's All Good, a couple of times.

OCLC's suites aren't perhaps what you might be thinking of. At every ALA, we have three large rooms/suites (always Red, Blue and Green) that OCLC staff use for a variety of meetings held over the course of the conference.

Last spring when Alice, George and I thought it would be nice for library bloggers to meet face-to-face, it made sense to have OCLC host the Salon because most individuals don't have locations at conferences to host such an event, and there were too many potential attendees to meet at a bar. So, we booked a suite and the Blog Salon was born.

We haven't discussed whether there will be a New Orleans Blog Salon, but if there is one planned, we'll announce it here at It's All Good before the conference.

Alice said...

The Lost Post: I dunno, I published it--or so I thought! By that point there was some mayhem in the everyone who wrote, I'm sorry it got lost!!