Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Establish a "Signage Czar"

And other good insights into how to make your physical library space more user-oriented. Of course, this Library Journal online article "Power Users" champions the approach we've all been soapboxing for years now--but it's good to see it filter into mainstream library conscience.

Is it "dumbing down" the system?
Will it make the system more accessible for people who do not want to learn the secret library codes--but really just want to find some information on a certain subject?

Paco Underhill
and so much more. Read the piece as a warm-up to the OCLC Symposium...which I am meant to be figuring out how we can podcast live from San Antonio...

Okay, let's hear it. Read the article and then weigh in here--on the very provocative subhead in the article: WAS Dewey the Anti-Christ?
Why or Why not?

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