Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Fourth Literacy

If you had time to read the newspaper this morning, you might have seen an Associated Press item reporting on the big kahuna of testing organizations Educational Testing Service work to create a test to evaluate what ETS is calling the "fourth literacy", which is Internet intelligence, measuring whether students can locate and verify reliable online information and whether they know how to properly use and credit the material.

I'd think that any librarian teaching information literacy will want to take a look at the test as it looks like the competencies/literacies being evaluated are among the ones librarians teach. Perhaps the good news is that the efforts of teaching librarians will receive more institutional support as a result.

The ETS announcement references Connected to the Future, a study from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that was underwritten by ETS, Bell South, and Kodak (an interesting group of underwriters).

Posts to IAG might be sparse for a week or so because both George and Alice are off with limited access to the Internet.

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