Friday, July 22, 2005

Recording of the OCLC Long Tail Symposium Available

Yes, the web elves have worked hard and the web stream of "Mining the Long Tail" symposium we held at ALA in Chicago last month is ready for viewing. Be forewarned that we did not have permission to reproduce Chris Anderson's slides. Much of what he spoke about can be found scattered through his blog "The Long Tail" and will no doubt be in his forthcoming book. And for those of you who didn't attend: Nancy Davenport did not use a Powerpoint presentation. Nope, she relied on her considerable speaking skills and her eloquent words and hands.

A public thank you to our panelists Chris Anderson, John Blossom, Chuck Richard and Nancy Davenport. The evaluations from attendees were positive, making comments like this: great speakers; excellent speakers; stimulating speakers; presentation outstanding, great program, superior quality of program, topic chosen for the symposium is always timely!

Great, great....what the heck do we do next symposium! Good work brings its own punishment.

Addendum @ 5:15 EST I Should have mentioned that the web stream is made to be viewed with IE, not FireFox or the Mac browser. There are legitimate $$ reasons for this but this will be of little comfort to the individuals wanting to view the program who do not use IE.
Thanks to Michael Stephens for reminding me to mention this.


Alice said...

And of course there have been numerous blog postings even DURING the Symposium--many of them on IAG for June 25, 2005.

Michael Stephens said...

Does it not work on the Mac? :-(