Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's All Good

This blog does not own the phrase "It's All Good". If you "google" it you'll see it has origins in a music genre that is as far away from your faithful bloggers as modeling on a runway is from walking down the corridor to get coffee. You're both walking but that's where the resemblence ends.

Miguel pointed out in comments recently that "It's All Good" has been adopted by a restaurant, Max and Erma's. Oh channel confusion here.. I doubt there's a soul on the planet who would expect to get a hamburger from the Dublin Public Library or a serving of bib records (with gravy?) at a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

On Thursday Vint Cerf said "it's all good." I like hearing it in many contexts. -- kgs

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia, the line "It's all good" has recently featured in a surprisingly amusing series of beer commercials.